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If you've ever wanted to send a fake SMS to one of your friends, then this is the site for you!

SMS Gang provide you with the ultimate SMS spoofing service which will allows you to send text from any number.

Spoofing an SMS means that you basically send a text from a number that isn't your own - as in, when the person receives their fake sms message, it will look like an entirely different sender has sent it. Think of all the fun a little text like, "I can't believe you got me pregnant!" Could cause if you sent it to one of your friends.

The ability to have fun with our anonymous sms service is virtually unlimited. Imagine if you played a joke about a person's phone being haunted and then it gets a text from a mysterious number? That's the sort of place you can take our fake sms online service.

To use our service is simple. All you need to do is the following:
Simply plug the number that you want to send to in the "To" box at the top of the page.
Then, put who you want to appear as in the "From" box after the "To" box.
Then enter the pin code.
Then finish up by whatever funny message you want to send.

This is an incredibly simple process, but you can do a huge amount with it if you are creative. and it works in nearly every country on the planet - everywhere from Uzbekistan to the United States of America. See where it doesn't work below, but for most places, we've got your covered.

We're pretty sure that you can come up with some crazy stories from using our SMS spoofing service. You could also use it to find love; imagine if you're too nervous to ask a girl or guy out - you could give them an anonymous hint. Wither that, or you could play a trick on your friend by giving them a sneaky message about their crush which will help them to make a move. Either that, or you could invite everyone to a secret party that there'll be no trace of. Whatever you do though, keep it legal (see below!)

Please note: This site is all in good fun. we want you to use our service to pay jokes on your friends and generally have a good time. This service is NOT designed to be used illegally. Whilst you can send anonymous text messages to people, and essentially use our fake sms service in that way, we DO RECORD every text you send for legal reasons, any illegal activity is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. We fully comply with legal authorities on this matter.

Also Please Note: Currently we are unable to work with numbers and phones from the UK or Australia. We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes, and as soon as this changes, we'll let you know.

Have fun and be responsible!
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SMS Text Examples

SMS From: Sniper
Text: Please take one step to the left.
I dont see you!

(Category: Best SMS messages)

SMS From: Girlfriend
Text:I know you think I'm cute, I know you think I'm fine, but like the other guys, take a number and wait in line!
(Category: Flirt SMS messages)

SMS From: Boyfriend
Text: Please buy toilet paper and come home immediately!
(Category: Dirty SMS jokes)

SMS From: Hidden Love
Text:I've spent 98% of today thinking about you.
(Category: Miss You SMS)