What is provides unique possibility to send SMS from ANY NUMBER or text!
It means you can set who the message appears to come from!
  • Send a message from other people's cellular phones. Example: "4477563434455"
  • Send a message from "Any Name". Example: "SuperMan"
  • Send anonymous text messages - tell somebody about your feelings!
  • Make fun to colleagues and wind up your friends! Create chaos!
Interested? Check "How it works?" section!

How it works?

Your friend - Max.
His number is +42345452334

Max girlfriend - Kate.
Her number is +42999877888

Send SMS from Kate's number to Max!
To: Max number
From: Kate's number
Message: its up to you ;)
Honey, I'm pregnant!!

How it looks like?

And that is how the SMS will look like!
It shows Sweetie in the title of SMS because
that is how Kate is recorded in Max phonebook.
By the way Max can reply to this SMS via "Reply"
button. (Of course Kate will get it, not you)

Have fun!
Honey, I'm

Is my country supported?

Please check:

1.    "Countries" page.

If you see "Yes, You can send SMS" status opposite to your country, you can use

2.    Local legislation does not carry any responsibility for any form of damage that may result from the use of service. keeps rights to give details of its users to local authorities in case of problems.


You can check status of your SMS messages via Track SMS page. Also history of 5 last messages is displayed.


How to buy a pincode?

You can buy pincode via:

1.    Avangate - use your credit card, PayPal, WebMoney, GiroPay or other e-banking systems.
All countries supported

After successful payment your pincode is displayed on website as well as sent into Your mailbox

2.    SMS - sending an SMS-message.
Currently SMS-payment is supported in these countries:
Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Greece, France, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Nederlands, Austria, Ireland, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Chech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Poland, Malaysia, Taiwan, Australia, South Africa